May 5, 2008

Google “Quality Reviewers Guidelines” LEAK ?

I hate spam sites, scraper sites and websites that gives absolutely no quality to the reader. In my head, at least, my niche sites give the readers some kind of value. I’ve been building mini-sites and putting up content on various blog platforms and free sites for months and as a result of that my income increased several hundred percent over a few months time.

I provided quality but at the same time my main goal was of course to get the visitor to click through to the merchants salespage so I good get a nice affiliate payout in the mail… I wrote unique content and I think most of the articles actually answered a question or concern the reader might have had. I had several pages in the same niches obviously. I had multiple pages in the top 20 search results for any of the search terms I targeted and everything went fine…


All the sites/pages I had in one-niche was removed from the search results (or moved from i.e. position #6 in Google to #801) Overnight.

SHIT! I could not figure what was going on and I was running around like a decapitated chicken for days trying to figure out what went wrong. My checks from clickbank was reduces by 25%.. Then the same happened with two more niches as well… Over a period of one week my clickbank income was cut in half.

I did provide quality content, right?
NOT in the eyes of Google, no!

Over the last couple of weeks or so, I have been reading the (allegedly-) LEAKED Google Quality Reviews Guidelines. Yes, you heard me right… Google - the king of all search engines - have HUMAN EDITORS!!!

Appearently, the Google automatic filters loved my websites and gave them good pagerank and top positions. Then, it seems like the human editors where going through the niches I were in to weed out the spammers and advertisers…(remember; Google wants us to PAY for advertising!!). Most of my sites were dumped…
Time to reconsider!!

So, I need to reconsider the way I’ve been doing my marketing online, it seems. And so do you if you are building niche sites like they teach in the 30Day Challenge 2007 ->.

  • What can we do to make google actually accept our sites without thinking it is spam?
  • How can we provide more quality to the readers of such mini-sites to not only satisfy the reader but also the Human Editors Of Google?

We need to come up with a way we can work as affiliates and at the same time make both the readers and Google love our content. You can find the LEAKED Google Quality Review Guidelines here. I do not know if this document is fake, or if it is “leaked” on purpose by Google but it should provide some good insight into the way the Human Editors work…  digg:Google  spurl:Google  wists:Google  simpy:Google  newsvine:Google  blinklist:Google  furl:Google  reddit:Google  fark:Google  blogmarks:Google  Y!:Google  smarking:Google  magnolia:Google  segnalo:Google  gifttagging:Google

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